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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

WTF is Going On?

This post will be a little different from most on this blog. Usually, I work on an article for a while before posting. This isn't an article, and I'm not polishing it. It's more of an alarm.

Something isn't right in the world. I'm no astrologer; I'm not even sure I believe in it. But something is screwy right now, and I wish I knew what it is and when it will end.

At first, I thought it was a Mercury retrograde, a period when communication becomes difficult. I guessed this when I got three wrong restaurant orders in two days. (I'm on the road a lot.) I realized then that most communication was going awry. My last two writing jobs had gone worse than any in my career.

Then I noticed it was worse than just a Mercury retrograde. Everyone I know, including me, is completely on edge. Most people I know are talking about how everyone they know is stressed to the max and spoiling for a fight.

I got in a fight with my wife. I got in a fight with one of my best friends, with whom I have not fought in nine years of friendship. (I'm scared to death I've lost her.) I got angry at another friend over—you guessed it—a failed communication. My guitar player and I are ready to rip each other's throats out.

It's not simply that everything is going wrong, though. Some really great things have happened to me in the last six weeks. I mean, really great. No, it's that everything is intensified. Good things have been replaced with great things, bad things with awful things, minor confusion with major miscommunication, mild annoyance with absolute fury. Something ain't right.

And let's not forget that several times in the last month, ice has fallen out of the Texas sky. Frickin' ice. I'm talking marble-sized hail, coming on suddenly on a May afternoon.

Something isn't right, and I sure want to know when it will get right (though if the great stuff could continue—never mind, I don't want to get greedy).